Smart Voice Control USB Light

Smart: Voice control turn on/off, voice control change color (🌟 white, 🌡️ warm, 🌈 dichromatic 3 light color mode)
🚀 Easy Use: USB Plug and Play, Built-in voice control chip, no network Bluetooth or cell phone required.
🎒 Portable: Product size 310mm(12.2inch) * 83mm(3.26inch) * 18mm(0.71inch), only 66g weight, body made of flexible hose material, easy to carry in your pocket.
💡 Energy Saving: LED lamp only 1.5W, don't worry about power consumption.
🗣️ Voice Command: Light on (Please turn on the light, Turn on the light, I’m back), Light off (Please turn off the light, turn off the light, go out, go to sleep), Change color (Change color)