Smart Motion Sensor Stairs Light Controller | 32 Channel

 The ideal staircase lighting solution, completely automated. These LED stair lights, activated by motion sensors, automatically illuminate your steps as soon as you approach the top or bottom stair.



Input Voltage: DC 12V/DC 24V
Output Voltage: DC 12V/DC 24V
Output Type: 32 steps-32 CV single color strips
Output Power: 350W MAX
Sensors: 2 (A, B)
Channel: 32( Set to 1-32 step)
Operating Mode: Photoelectric
Static Power Consumption: 5W
Sensor: 2 PIR human body infrared sensor switches(Recessed)
Induction Distance: 3M
Output Line Length: 5 meters + 5 meters
PIR sensor mode: Light on when people come, light off when people leave


Note: Price mentioned is only controller price (Led strip price not included).



  • Fully automatic, turns on the light when it senses someone walking and turns off the light when they leave
  • With anti-leakage system, stable output, safer and more secure use
  • Touch the setup button to adjust the speed of the lights off on the controller
  • Up to 32 stair lights can be controlled