SMD Strip LED Light 2835 | 10 Meter / Roll

Light Color
Cool White (6500K)
Warm White (4000K)
Yellow (3000K)

Elevate your space with our SMD Strip LED Lights, a sleek and energy-efficient lighting solution. The advanced SMD (Surface Mount Device) technology ensures brilliant illumination in a compact design. Easy to install and customizable, these strip lights bring a touch of modern elegance to any environment, creating a vibrant ambiance with effortless style.

The SMD Strip offers a seamlessly balanced glow with no lighting spots or dark areas. Experience super bright and soft illumination, surpassing other SMD strips in both flexibility and bendability. With its cuttable and joinable design, you have the freedom to create any desired length, ensuring a customizable lighting solution for your unique space. 

Model: SMD Strip
Wattage: 12Watt / meter 
LED Quantity: 120 LED / meter
Input Voltage: DC 24 Volt
Length: 10 Meter /Role 
PCB Width: 8 mm 
Emit color: Warm 3000k , Natural 4000k , White 6500k
IP Rating: IP20 , Non waterproof 



The SMD Strip LED Light is ideal for installation in Aluminum Profiles, enhancing lighting solutions across various spaces such as drawing rooms, living rooms, dining areas, corridors, bathrooms, facades for elevation lighting, offices, shopping malls, and more. Elevate your surroundings with versatile and efficient lighting in a variety of settings.